Lindridge/Martin Manor Neighborhood Association

Welcome to the official website for the Lindridge/Martin Manor Neighborhood Association. Lindridge Martin Manor Neighborhood Association is a volunteer-based non-profit neighborhood association whose purpose is to enhance the livability of our part of northeast Atlanta. 

Lindridge/Martin Manor is located within Neighborhood Planning Unit (NPU)-F in the Northeast quadrant of the City of Atlanta. The boundaries are as follows:  North:  I-85  South:  Southern Railroad Tracks  East:  Atlanta City Limit  West:  I-85.  Click to view MAP.

Peachtree Creek Capacity Relief Storage and Pumping Station

On June 28th, Officials from the City of Atlanta (COA) Department of Watershed Management (DWM) held a public meeting regarding the Peachtree Creek Sewer Capacity Relief Project which is now proposed to be located at the COA owned parcel at 2061 Liddell Drive. The DWM plans to place mechanicals (i.e. pump station, electrical etc.) on the flood plain parcel located between Lenox Road and Cheshire Bridge Road where presently radio towers are located. This parcel is owned by Salem Broadcasting. DWM does not plan to purchase the parcel but does plan to acquire any necessary easements.

In the event of sewage overcapacity in the main trunk along the South Fork of Peachtree Creek, a tunneled pipe would divert sewage overflow to a dedicated pumping station and a 10 million gallon tank (located on Liddell). As capacity in the main trunk dissipates diluted sewage would then be released back into the main trunk by gravity flow.

The COA has abandoned the two other parcels under consideration for a buried project in the past (located at Zonolite and off of Kay Lane/Briarcliff Road). DWM hopes to begin construction toward the end of this year and complete the project by May 2014. DWM officials stated that they must adhere to the original schedule as the extension of the federal consent decree does not apply to this project.

NOTE: With the sewer system from DeKalb County connecting into the COA system along the North and South Forks of Peachtree Creek, DeKalb County residents have a stake in this project as well, potentially sharing the cost of any solution through higher water/sewer rates.

As several questions were raised at the first public meeting District 6 Councilmember Alex Wan has asked the DWM to reconvene this second public meeting to address some of the outstanding questions/concerns raised by those in attendance.
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South Fork Conservancy

The South Fork Conservancy exists to restore, conserve and protect the riparian systems of the South Fork of Peachtree Creek Watershed and provide connectivity for minimal impact passive human use.

Did you know that half the creek’s length is already park land?

31.22 miles of waterfront, some connected to other parks, some isolated.

If you have not been to the Meadow Loop or Cedar Chase take some time and visit. Special thanks to those folks from Lindridge Martin Manor who helped raise monies for South Fork Conservancy.  Four stretches of the proposed trails are now sufficiently underway to suggest how the proposed Creek Trail can uncover Atlanta's hidden greenspaces:

Meadow Loop

Accessible from Lindbergh Drive, this 1.5 mile trail leads to the convergence of the North and South forks of the creek and the beginning of Peachtree Creek.

Cedar Chase 

A mile long trail hugs the creek and curves underneath I-85, leading to a view of the convergence of the North and South Forks to Peachtree Creek.


Old growth forest shelters the South Fork between Morningside Nature Preserve and Herbert Taylor Daniel Johnson Park in the City of Atlanta.  The Creek runs south of Zonolite Place by a newly-established 13-acre DeKalb park.


This nearly half-mile trial along the North Fork begins at Lindbergh Drive, across from the South Forks Meadow Loop.   Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) funds are being used to mitigate the damage being done as a consequence of creating a new access loop from I-85 to GA 400.  Check out this video: